Exhibition of the True Artists

Today is the last day of the month and it was only fitting that after we studied about a few famous artists, we held our own exhibition!

Our artists worked not only on their masterpieces but also on their titles and descriptions.


Here you see a few true artists in their natural habitat.

The exhibition is only open for a limited time so make sure you come check it out!



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Line Art Portrait






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Fun Fun Blind Art Friday

It`s Fun Fun Friday! Yay! We have been waiting for this day the whole week!

Even though our initial idea was to play at the park, the weather had something else in mind so we had to adapt our plans.

So we turned to this!


For those of you who have no clue what they are looking at, it`s a game where one person uses their finger to trace the picture that is attached to the back of another person. The person with the picture on their back has to draw what they feel on another piece of paper. Hence, this masterpiece was born!

This "blind" type of art caused a lot of outbursts of laughter and that was exactly what we were looking for!

The students loved it so much they couldn`t wait to get their turn to try it!​

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9/24 Science −Fire−







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Immitating Hokusai at ANNEX

We hope that everyone had a great Silver Week holidays! For our returning class, students studied more about individual iconic artists; today’s focus was Japan’s own Hokusai!

Hokusai, an artist from the age of 6 (just like most of our students at Annex), rose in fame due to his detailed, historic and dramatic art works. Students recreated the famous Great Wave of Kanagawa; depicting giant waves crashing over land and the iconic Mt. Fuji in the background.

Students first sketched out the waves, sea foam and then Mt Fuji before layering over water colors paints. Finding the right balance of water to paint ratio was a fun challenge for the students with some very excellent results!

Today was also the start of Reading Challenge at Annex! A reminder that students should be studying Levels 1-4 each day so that they can complete their reading goals!

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9/17 Fireworks





So colorful♪

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Imitating Pablo Picasso

Last week we looked at Banksy`s street art.

This week our focus is directed towards a completely different artist.



Judging by the style of drawing, I am sure you can tell this week`s artist is Pablo Picasso.

We tried our best to copy his style and these are the results.


Did you know Picasso has about 50,000 artworks including paintings, prints, ceramics and others?! That`s crazy, isn`t it?


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Sunfish - Bottle Diver

In continuing to learn about unique animal body parts, students learned about how fish have a ‘Swim Bladder’ which allows fish to swim at different depths of the ocean with ease thanks to the gases inside of it.

Students focused their learning about the Sunfish; a large dish like shaped fish that is distinctly missing a tail! They swim with the fins on the top and bottom of them, and have a special swim bladder that helps them navigate the water.

Together, we made a weighted water craft in a bottle to show how the fish move from the top to the bottom of the ocean.

Students had a lot of fun and at the same time made a great accessory for the classroom.

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As we continue to study various animal body parts like "flippers" and "beaks", we also try to create craft that is linked to this month`s theme.

If you are wondering what they are doing, they are coloring fish that would later become a swimming decoration in their own aquarium-like bottles.


The process was conducted step by step with the help of a teacher, of course, and each fish had its own design.

Some steps were unclear so a little assistance was required.

But all in all, this was another successful project of our dedicated students!


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Chopsticks Holders ACCESS Project

You can`t really call it Monday Art Day if you don`t actually get dirty, can you?

Today`s craft was 箸置き - our students used clay to give their chopstick holders the desired shape and toothpicks to decorate them.



The holders are unique in design and there was a lot of effort put into each and every single one of them.



We would like to applaud our students` efforts into creating something so difficult from scratch. Once our staff bakes the holders, the students will be able to take them home and use them too.

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